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CAT Question of The Day 03 June-2013
by Catalyst Learning - Monday, 3 June 2013, 2:59 AM


Select the correct alternative from the given choices.
Dardnaak, Khaufnaak and Khatarnaak are three cowboys, each belonging to exactly one district amongst Aanpur, Baanpur and Shaanpur. Each of them is a master in warfare with exactly one weapon amongst Desi Katta, Rampuri Chakku and Nanchak. Each of the cowboy has exactly one title amongst “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly”. None of the characteristics mentioned above is common to any two persons and the orders in which the districts, the weapons and the titles are mentioned above need not be the same as the order
in which the names of these cowboys are mentioned. Further the following data is available about these three volatile personalities:
(A) Khatarnaak is not from Aanpur and does not use Nanchak.
(B) Khaufnaak is not from Shaanpur and does not have the title “The Good”.
(C) The person who uses Rampuri Chakku is from Aanpur, but does not have the title “The Bad”.
(D) The person who uses Desi Katta is not “The Bad”.
(E) Khatarnaak is not from Shaanpur.
Which of the following statements must be true?
1) Dardnaak, Khaufnaak and Khatarnaak have the titles. “The Good” “The Bad” and the “The Ugly” respectively.             
2) Khaufnaak, Khatarnaak and Dardnaak use the weapons – Rampuri Chakku, Desi Katta and Nanchak respectively.
3) Khatarnaak, Khaufnaak and Dardnaak belong to Shaanpur, Baanpur and Aanpur respectively.
4) None of these